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Slim and Satisfied Podcast, Episode 1, with Dafna Chazin

Can limiting beliefs affect your weight?

Welcome to the Slim & Satisfied podcast! In episode 1 (woohoo!) we take a deep dive into limiting beliefs and how they negate our most desired goals by facilitating self-sabotage. We will discuss how limiting beliefs are likely impacting your weight loss results and how to quickly identify them in our day-to-day life.  While uncovering…

The 80-20 Rule – How choosing to indulge is making you healthier

Many of my clients come in to our first session with an all-or-nothing approach, which makes me a bit worried. They can be strict about eating balanced meals all day, never break their healthy eating pattern and exercise religiously. Or, they eat every meal out, and admit to having no awareness to calories, portions of…


5 habits likely preventing you from losing weight


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