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The Slim & Satisfied Podcast

Episode 34: How To Tell If You Have Anxiety with Liat Haim

 On today’s episode, I interview a very special guest – my sister, Liat Haim! Liat is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and therapist who specializes in working with children and young adults with mood disorders. Together, the two of us talk about today’s topic: anxiety. Women with PCOS are far more likely to suffer…

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Episode 33: The ONE Diet You Need To Follow In 2020 And Beyond

 Hello and welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast! Your Best Bet for Healthy Eating in 2020 As the new year approaches, I want to share with all of you the one diet you should consider following for 2020: The Mediterranean Diet. This diet is the one I successfully use in my practice…

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Episode 32: Three Important Mindset Shifts To Make This Holiday Season

 Greetings ladies! Before we get started, tell me this, have you subscribed to the show yet? Please take a second to hit that subscribe button in your podcast app – I’ll be putting out bonus episodes you don’t want to miss! Today’s episode of Slim and Satisfied is focused on preparing you for the…

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Episode 31: Losing 20 lbs, Coming Off Meds and Getting Rid of Acne and Migraines – Client Coaching Call w/ Theresa Millerschoen

 Hey there and welcome back! Today’s episode is special since I’ll be interviewing Theresa Millerschoen, one of my current clients. I decided to have Theresa on the show since her story is inspirational and will likely resonate with you on multiple levels! Theresa’s Story Theresa is a busy nurse who is also in graduate…

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Episode 30: Fitting Healthy Eating Into Your Busy Schedule

 Welcome back! How many times have said to yourself: “I’m too busy to eat healthy”? I’m going to assume that you’ve done it more than once. If you’re leading a busy lifestyle, as many of my clients do, you know the feeling that there is just not enough time in the day, let alone…

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Episode 29: 5 PCOS Nutrition Tips Your Should Ignore

 Hello ladies, and welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast!  On today’s episode, I discuss the 5 PCOS nutrition myths you should ignore. Following up with our topic from last week’s episode, I reiterate that while the Internet, social media, and online blogs can offer community and great advice for women with PCOS,…

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Episode 28: Should You Go On a Social Media Diet?

 Welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast!  On this episode, I ask you, my listeners, one important question: Do you need to go on a social media diet? In asking this question, I encourage you to reflect on your social media use and how it may be fueling your eating or creating unhealthy…

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Episode 27: Why Calorie Restriction Will Never Work for PCOS

 Hey there! This week’s episode is from an IGTV video I recently shared on my page. It answers a common question I get asked which is: Should I follow a certain calorie level to lose weight with PCOS? The simple answer is: NO. You do not need to worry as much about calories, if…

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Episode 26: Conquering Nighttime Eating

 Hello and welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast! On this episode, I focus on the topic of nighttime eating, what it looks like, its causes, and a few simple yet powerful strategies you can implement to help drop this habit. Nighttime eating is a common problem for those with poor blood sugar…

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