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Episode 8: What It Means to Eat 80-20

 Hello again, friends! Today’s episode of Slim & Satisfied takes some of the mystery out of ‘moderation.’ In this episode, I talk about how to get out of that black and white, on or off mindset that is so easy to fall into when we think about moderation. Often times, I see clients who…

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Episode 7: How to Pick The Right Weight Loss Plan

 Welcome back, ladies! In today’s episode of Slim & Satisfied, I’m talking about picking the right weight loss plan for you. It’s hard to choose a plan that’s suitable for your individual needs. To make things a bit simpler, I offer three key questions that you can ask yourself to help evaluate the plan you’re on…

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Episode 6: Do I Need to Eat Breakfast?

 Hello again, everybody! Welcome Back! About 60% of my clients tell me they skip breakfast. And, I’m cool with that, MOST of the time. I definitely see how breakfast can help with weight loss in some cases, and prevent progress in others. So, I decided to center today’s episode of Slim and Satisfied around breakfast—what…

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Episode 5: Key Insights About Change

 Hello again, everybody! Today, we’re going to cover something that I think is a core topic when it comes to weight loss—what it takes to make changes happen. When we first embark on our journey through weight loss, making changes to our lifestyle and unhealthy habits is key. I see a lot of women struggle…

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Episode 4: Why Calories Still Matter

 Hey, everyone! It’s time to talk about, you guessed it, calories! In today’s episode of Slim & Satisfied I offer some insight on what exactly a calorie is and what we need to keep in mind while losing weight. Believe it or not, it’s not as complicated as it seems! I explain what calorie…

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Episode 3: No Willpower? No Problem.

 Hey There! Willpower is often deemed as necessary for weight loss but that’s all wrong, my friend. In today’s episode of The Slim & Satisfied Podcast I’m going to bust this long-standing myth and give you a more effective method for staying motivated and making meaningful changes that last. I start by outlining a…

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Episode 2: 5 Smart Ways to Eat Carbs

Welcome Back to Episode 2! We’re living in a diet-obsessed world where restriction and elimination is the norm. If you’ve recently been on a weight loss regimen, you’ve probably tried to cut back on eating carbohydrates. So many of the top weight loss plans today revolve around reducing sugar and starches and increasing protein and…

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Episode 1: Can limiting beliefs affect your weight?

Welcome to the Slim & Satisfied podcast! In episode 1 (woohoo!) we take a deep dive into limiting beliefs and how they negate our most desired goals by facilitating self-sabotage. We will discuss how limiting beliefs are likely impacting your weight loss results and how to quickly identify them in our day-to-day life.  While uncovering…

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