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Episode 42: Are you doing the BASICS?

 Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of the Slim & Satisfied podcast. I am so happy you’re here! Today’s we’ll discuss what it means to do the BASICS. When it comes to healthy eating, there are a few simple, elementary habits that are essential for your success! Without them, you’ll build your habits on a…

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Episode 41: How to Manage PCOS Cravings

 Welcome Back! In today’s podcast episode, I share a recent video from my FB group PCOS INSIDERS about how to manage PCOS cravings, a common concern for many women I work with. In it, I explain what cravings really are, why they are happening and what to do to reduce their intensity. Why is…

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Episode 40: How to Know if You’re Insulin Resistant?

 Welcome Back! In today’s podcast episode, I share a recent video from my FB group PCOS INSIDERS about insulin resistance and how it drives PCOS symptoms. In it I explain what it is, how women with PCOS can tell if they have insulin resistance and what they can do next to reduce insulin through…

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Episode 39: Easy Diet Changes to Make for PCOS

 In today’s episode, I share the 5 simple diet tweaks you can make in order to heal PCOS. So, if you’ve been just diagnosed with PCOS or if you’ve had it for a while and you’re just getting started with healing your body, this episode is a great place to start. These 5 simple…

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Episode 38: Is It Head Hunger or Body Hunger?

 Welcome Back! In today’s episode Dafna speaks about managing appetite. So many women with PCOS struggle with hunger, cravings and a strong desire to eat throughout the day. This may the result of hormonal imbalances or habits that formed over time. Regardless of the reason someone feels the need to eat frequently, it’s important…

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Episode 37: Make Your 2020 Goals Stick

 Hello and welcome back! Thank you for joining me on another episode of The Slim & Satisfied Podcast.  On today’s episode, I talk about how to set the right goals for yourself and come up with a meal and lifestyle plan that’s easy for you to implement and sustainable to maintain. Oftentimes, people do…

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Episode 36: How Frequently Should I Eat?

 Hello ladies! On today’s episode, I clarify two important aspects of healthy eating I often receive numerous questions about: meal timing and snacking! When it comes to eating, timing does matter. Studies have shown that rather than eating bigger meals later in the day, as most families do, it’s actually healthier to front-load your…

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Episode 35: Setting Up a Healthy Food Environment in Your Home

 Hello ladies! On today’s episode, I talk about the best ways to set up a healthy eating environment in your own home.  Many studies have shown that our food environment directly influences our food decisions. Oftentimes, an unhealthy food environment leads to mindless eating just because of its setup. Therefore, in today’s episode, I…

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Episode 34: How To Tell If You Have Anxiety with Liat Haim

 On today’s episode, I interview a very special guest – my sister, Liat Haim! Liat is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and therapist who specializes in working with children and young adults with mood disorders. Together, the two of us talk about today’s topic: anxiety. Women with PCOS are far more likely to suffer…

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