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The Slim & Satisfied Podcast

Episode 21: How to PCOS-Proof Your Kitchen

 Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast with me, Dafna Chazin. Today’s episode is part one in a two-part series of episodes dedicated to helping you make your kitchen PCOS-proof. As I’ve discussed in previous episodes, PCOS can be managed extremely well through diet. In fact, being deliberate in the food…

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Episode 20: 3 Ways To Simplify Weight Loss

 Welcome back, Ladies! Thank you for joining me, Dafna Chazin, for another episode of the Slim & Satisfied Podcast. Today, our topic is simplifying weight loss. I’ll be sharing with you some of the best strategies I’ve learned to help keep the process straightforward and simple.  Keeping Weight Loss Simple Is Important  Putting our…

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Episode 19: Healing Your Relationship with Food w/ Guest Kristin Burdi

 Hello again and welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast! In today’s episode, I am joined by holistic health coach, Kristin Burdi, who dedicates herself to helping women heal their relationship with food, particularly women with PCOS.  Kristin shares with us her personal struggles with food and the negative relationship she had with…

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Episode 18: Get Your Mindset Right First. Here’s How.

 Hi Ladies! In today’s episode, I turn our attention away from the external and towards the importance of evaluating our internal, mental and emotional approaches towards weight loss. Drawing from my own personal experience working with clients, I’ve learned that establishing a strong mental foundation is imperative for weight loss success. Because dedicating oneself…

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Episode 17: Powering Through Weight Loss Plateaus

 Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of the Slim & Satisfied Podcast! In today’s episode, I’ll be focusing on the topic of weight loss plateaus, one of the most common obstacles women encounter when trying to lose weight. I understand how frustrating this apparent halt in progress can be, so my goal for…

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Episode 16: The Biggest Lie in Weight Loss

 Welcome back to episode 16! This is a good one that you’ll want to listen to very closely. That’s because I am revealing the BIGGEST LIE in weight loss today. I often see women complain about not losing weight despite exercising and feeling frustrated that their efforts at the gym are not showing on…

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Episode 15: 5 Things to Know About Weight Loss Medications

 Hey There! Welcome back to Slim and Satisfied! Today’s episode is a bit different than previous ones as I’ll be focusing on a topic I don’t talk about frequently – weight loss medications. I realize that for many people, the thought of using medications for weight loss is scary and even upsetting. And I…

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Episode 14: Getting Started w/ Plant Based Eating

 Hey There! Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Slim & Satisfied podcast with me, Dafna Chazin. In today’s episode, I sat down with Rosemary Logue, a good friend and fellow registered dietitian with over 30 years of experience in the  nutrition and wellness space.  Rosemary is a weight loss expert and…

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Episode 13: Is Intermittent Fasting Right for Me?

 Hey there! Welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied podcast with me, Dafna Chazin. Today, I want to clear up some confusion regarding intermittent fasting. I’ll explain what exactly intermittent fasting is, how it relates to things like keto, who can reap the benefits of fasting, how you can implement it in your wellness…

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