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Instead of Depriving, Start Thriving

Healing your body through good nutrition can be quite confusing these days. There are countless diets out there that have you cutting out entire food groups, nixing gluten or juicing your day away. Let me tell you a secret — they all seem to work, for about a month. Then you’re back up on the scale feeling frustrated. You may also start to see your health deteriorating over time. This is because most plans are either too strict or, what I call, lacking substance — they are not teaching you anything meaningful about healthy eating.  I am here to show you the new way to eat well for the rest of your life.
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Embark on a Journey to Wellness

I believe each person has unique health concerns and nutritional needs. This is partly why cookie-cutter programs rarely work. Relying on an eating routine that suits your lifestyle, food preferences and schedule is the key to long-term success. When working with me, your personalized nutrition approach can be as simple or as elaborate you wish and it will always be R.E.A.L.

  • Realistic — you can eat out and be social
  • Easy-to-execute — it will not consume your entire day
  • Attainable — you'll see progress and results
  • Long-lasting — prepare to step off the diet roller coaster

Stephanie's Success Story...

Last year, I began my weight loss journey. I chose to work with Dafna. Her compassion, support, and knowledge have been instrumental in my success. From her eating plans to cooking demonstrations, to a kind but firm manner, I had found the support I needed and desire to be the best that I can be. I cannot express the thanks and gratitude that I have for Dafna’s support both during my weight loss and now in my weight maintenance. She has unlocked the tools I needed to make healthy decisions every day. I have successfully maintained a 125-pound weight loss.  


It's your time to thrive!

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