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Working on healthy eating habits is often a process that requires a strong mindset, a solid plan, and ongoing motivation.

With my guidance, you can develop these skills so you can make confident food-related decisions that nourish your mind and body. When we meet, whether in a kitchen, an office or online, you will receive my undivided attention and full support. As you go along, your individualized plan can be tweaked to maximize progress. Your journey will be backed by my knowledge, experience and down-to-earth approach. 

Where will it take YOU?

My Guiding Principles

Start with YES. Positive thinking breeds positive change

Foster a love for real food as fuel, not as a reward

Feed your mind and soul along with your body

Anticipate setbacks and have a recovery plan in your back pocket

Embrace stressful situations with proper coping skills

The Food Fix Plan

The Food Fix plan is an introductory offer that allows you to get basic healthy habits established quickly. It is a well-rounded signature package that addresses all your burning questions about healthy shopping, meal planning, and keys to long-term success.  

This limited time offer includes:

  • 45-minute individualized nutrition consultation (in-person or virtual)
  • 7-day customized meal plan,
    including 3 meals plus snacks you’ll love

Add your choice of:

  • A 60-minute grocery store tour
  • Cooking class (in-person or virtual)

My Specialty Areas

Why wait any longer? Have the life you crave!

Customized For You!

Weight Management

There is no one right way to lose weight. The word “diet” originates from ancient Greek and means “way of life”. Therefore, the best plan for you is the one that you can follow long-term, without putting your health at risk. There are, however, common threads among all successful losers that will likely enhance your results. Some of the concepts will be incorporated into our work as we go along:
A better understanding of the specific foods that curb appetite
Proper portion control and volumetrics principles
Introduction to intuitive eating and mindfulness
Optimal meal timing and spacing to tame cravings and impulse eating
Healthy cooking strategies to boost your meal-prep skills and overall success!

For a Range of Conditions!

Therapeutic Nutrition

Learning to apply the therapeutic benefits of food is an empowering way to optimize your own health. Proper nutrition can help you feel better, relieve unpleasant symptoms, decrease the amount of medications you require and manage youroverall desease risk. This service is suitable for individuals already experiencing a health condition such as:
High Cholesterol/Triglycerides
Digestive Problems (e.g. IBS, SIBO, Crohn's)
Anxiety and Depression

For Beginners or Advanced!

Cooking Packages

Cooking packages are designed the teach you the healthy way around your kitchen. Whether you're a beginner cook or culinary-pro, step up your meal prep game with recipes that heal your body. For all lessons we will meet at a state-of the art chef’s kitchen for a cooking demo or hands-on experience. All ingredients, recipes, shopping lists and (of course) tastings provided! 

By the way, culinary events are more fun in a group! Gather a few friends, family members or co-workers and let’s get everyone cooking, eating and learning at the same time! Ask about my special group offerings.

Tailored For Your Organization!

Corporate Wellness

Bring the latest nutrition information to your worksite in the form of: Lunch & Learn seminars, cooking demos, web-based nutrition webinars, Desk-side counseling or group-based wellness challenges.
Sample Lecture Topics: Shedding Pounds One Bite At a Time, Fueling Your Workout Wisely, Healthy Meal Planning Guide, The Scoop About Good Fats, The Cancer Prevention Diet. For a complete list of suggested topics please contact Dafna. 
Dafna has recently consulted for these corporations:

Nutrition counseling may be covered by your insurance plan. I currently accept the following plans: Horizon BCBS, Amerihealth, Independence BCBS, Cigna, and United Healthcare. Please contact me to find out more information.

What happens next?

  • Start with a free, zero-commitment call to introduce yourself and see how I can help.

  • Meet me in-person or virtually for an initial consultation (typically 60 minutes).

  • Get all the support you need via email, text, phone and through my personalized app.

  • Continue to touch base in person/virtually at a frequency that works for you! We will double down on your successes and take care of what’s still in need of work.

  • Stay accountable and motivated by further building on your victories through our follow up sessions.

  • Get 100% of your money back if you're not happy with your plan or progress. Really. No gimmicks, cancellation fees or hard feelings. It’s just how confident I am in your success when working with me.