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Keto Diet for PCOS

Episode 44B: Keto Diet for PCOS

Hello everyone!

Today’s bonus episode is an episode that I recorded in a Facebook Live video, within my PCOS Insiders Facebook community. I am talking all about the Keto diet, which is a widely popular low carb, high fat, low fiber diet. I am also answering your top burning questions at the end of this episode.

In this episode, I go into my top 5 reasons why the Keto Diet is NOT good for PCOS. 

However, I do think that with healthy significant modifications, and if done correctly, then the Keto Diet might be able to work for you if you still decide that this is something you want to try. So, although I’m not a fan of Keto, I do feel that providing you with the support and insight you need is important and therefore you will find that I provide you with healthy alternative options to make the Keto Diet work most effectively for you. Ultimately, I do not recommend this diet for PCOS, for the reasons you’ll find in this episode and long-term it is not a sustainable eating lifestyle. 


Here are some highlights of this bonus episode:


5 Reasons Why Keto Diet is NOT good for PCOS

  1. Bad for insulin resistance because of the saturated fats, making your body less metabolically efficient causing issues such as acne, weight gain, and missing periods.
  2. Increases cortisol ultimately resulting in inflammation and negatively affects hormones. 
  3. Low on fiber, creating problems with eliminating healthy gut bacteria, causing bowel movement problems, creating higher estrogen levels, higher cortisol levels and increases risk for cancer
  4. Creates thyroid problems 
  5. Isn’t sustainable long term


If you have any questions you’d like to ask about the Keto Diet for PCOS, join me in the PCOS Insiders Facebook group to ask your questions.


Also, if you’re wanting to try the Keto Diet but need it modified to help you with your PCOS, and you want to make sure you’re doing it right, in a healthy way, work with me 1:1 and I’ll provide you the guidance and support you need by emailing me at:


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • What the Keto Diet is
  • Why it’s so popular and what’s the big deal about it
  • Understanding the stages of the Keto Diet
  • Why the Keto weight loss results don’t last
  • Why it may not work for you if you have PCOS
  • Modifications and alternatives you can make to have it work for you when you have PCOS
  • Understanding the effects Keto has on PCOS
  • The detrimental effects on gut bacteria and its importance


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