The Down To Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast

Ep. 16

Episode 16: The Biggest Lie in Weight Loss

Welcome back to episode 16!

This is a good one that you’ll want to listen to very closely. That’s because I am revealing the BIGGEST LIE in weight loss today. I often see women complain about not losing weight despite exercising and feeling frustrated that their efforts at the gym are not showing on the scale. This is actually hardly surprising to me since many studies and lots of experience in this field has taught me that, while exercise is super healthy for our bodies, it does nothing for us in terms of weight loss.

This episode is full of information regarding the main reasons we often find diet to be a much more powerful tool for weight management. We also talk about why the best workout cannot undo an healthy meal.

What you’ll learn in this podcast episode:

  • The basics of human metabolism
  • Why focusing on exercise is a waste of time for weight loss
  • The reasons we tend to overeat when we work out
  • 3 (non-weight related) benefits of exercise that keep me going back for more!

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