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Ep. 41 How to Manage PCOS Cravings

Episode 41: How to Manage PCOS Cravings

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In today’s podcast episode, I share a recent video from my FB group PCOS INSIDERS about how to manage PCOS cravings, a common concern for many women I work with. In it, I explain what cravings really are, why they are happening and what to do to reduce their intensity.

Why is this important? 

About 97% of people experience cravings, so it’s entirely normal. In fact, we are hard-wired to crave food as it is one of the body’s survival mechanisms. However, women diagnosed with PCOS experience strong cravings the entire month, not just around their menstrual cycle.

There are many reasons why cravings can get out of control, such as insulin resistance, going too long without eating, hormonal fluctuations, lack of sleep and anxiety. And if you only focus on adding supplements and not addressing the underlying cause, you may not be getting the results you desire.

Not sure what to do about your cravings?

We’ll cover a variety of strategies to consider to reduce cravings, especially how food and sleep can be your truest source of healing. Plus, at the end of this episode, I answer questions from my group members about specific cravings and what they might add to their diet or supplement in order to reduce the cravings!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What cravings really are and why they are completely normal
  • Why we think people experience cravings and what could be happening for you
  • The role of dopamine and cortisol as it relates to your cravings
  • How to manage PCOS cravings to truly regain control 
  • A little bit about how you can work with anxiety as the root of cravings
  • The two supplements I recommend to all women with PCOS

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