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7 Habits You Can Practice Right Now

Episode 43B: 7 Habits You CAN Practice Right Now

In Episode 43, I laid out 3 steps you can take to create a new routine for yourself. In today’s Bonus Episode, we’re taking it a step further and I’m talking about the 7  Habits You CAN Practice Right Now to help you create a healthy routine. 

My hope is that by now you’ve gotten into a new normal. I know that many of us are still dealing with many issues, including the stress and anxiety that relates to the Coronavirus. I hope that you are safe and well and are able to find a new routine, having established new and healthy habits during this time.

However, if you have not created healthy habits, then this episode is for you. What I talk to you about today is how you can implement 7 simple healthy food habits that you can start practicing right now to help you get into a healthy routine. I am here to make sure that during this season, you are not making excuses for why you cannot continue to be healthy because of the things you cannot control, but rather focusing on the things you can control–which is your health. 

This episode is for you if:

  • You haven’t been able to find a routine
  • You are feeling a little lost
  • Things are not going well for you as far as healthy eating and staying on track
  • You feel that you have fallen off course and need help in setting a routine to get back on focus


What You’ll Learn in This Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, you will learn the 7 Habits You CAN Practice Right now to help you create a routine, which include:

  1. Creating a 24-Hour Food Plan
  2. Eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking up
  3. Having 3 Meals a Day 
  4. Having protein-based snacks
  5. Staying Hydrated
  6. Eating Mindfully
  7. Creating a Feeding Window for Structure

Work with Me

If you’re interested in working with me so I can help you implement these things in your life, help you come up with a customized plan, hold you accountable, give you some structure and accountability, and a lot of good suggestions around nutrition and hormonal balance specifically for PCOS, I am offering my most popular nutrition package, it’s my Dutch Hormone Testing Package which includes:


  • 30-minute discovery call with me to discuss the test (including instructions on when and how to take it), your goals and the type of results you can expect. 

  • DUTCH test kit mailed to your house within 1 week

  • 45-minute interpretation session to go over your results and discuss your nutrition plan 

  • Customized meal plan including grocery list and meal ideas

  • Supplement regimen based on your results to enhance your nutrition plan

  • Unlimited access to me via text, chat or email for 2 months. 


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