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Episode 44_ How My Clients Stay Motivated

Episode 44: How My Clients Stay Motivated

Hello everyone! On today’s episode, I talk about a topic key to achieving your health goals:


Motivation is what can keep us committed to a healthy lifestyle day-in and day-out. Especially during challenging times in our lives when stress and anxiety may tempt us to simply give up, it’s staying motivated that keeps us going. Because of this, today I share with listeners three questions they can ask themselves to better understand their own motivations and share with them the common themes I’ve found in my own clients’ answers to these same questions. 


The first question I encourage listeners to think about is: What is your Big Why? This question encourages you to think about your reason for wanting to change your health. More so than just “wanting to lose weight,” the answer to this question should be meaningful. It should also be compelling so that it can drive you to stay invested in moving towards your goals. For my own clients, they found that their Big Why was most impactful when it was driven by true emotion. They also found is impactful when it would lead to a life-changing outcome. While our Big Whys may evolve over time, being able to identify it is the first step to locking in your personal motivation.


The second question listeners should ask themselves is: What do you think about, to stay focused daily? The key to staying focused is planning. By planning ahead and trusting in the plan, my clients have had success with preventing themselves from getting trapped in negative mindsets. Instead, they set habits that they know will work and give them results.


The third question I pose to listeners is: When you get discouraged, what do you do or tell yourself that helps? Many of my clients offer their own personal mantras and solutions to this obstacle, many of them citing their return to the assurance that one mistake or slip-up doesn’t define them and can always be corrected in the next meal. 


By reflecting on these questions in your own life and taking the time to identify and interrogate your answers, you can better sharpen your motivation. You can use it to inspire you throughout your health journey, even on the most difficult of days. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  1. Why your Big Why needs to be deep and meaningful and go beyond simply wanting to lose weight
  2. Why emotionally-charged motivations can be the strongest motivations
  3. Some mantras and affirmations others use to get them through difficult moments in their health journey
  4. Strategies for staying focused daily when it comes to achieving your health goals and staying motivated

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