The Down To Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast

Let's Not Talk About Your Goal Weight Anymore

Episode 45: Let’s Not Talk About Your Goal Weight

Hello Ladies, and thank you for joining me for another episode of the Down To Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast!

On today’s episode, I talk about the dieting trend of setting a goal-weight and why it can be problematic. 


Setting a goal-weight is a concept many dieting practices encourage and is one that I’ve even used for my own clients in the past.


Recently, however, I’ve realized that oftentimes setting a goal-weight does not serve many women and can cause more harm than good.


While setting goals along your health journey can be a powerful tool for success, setting a goal-weight for yourself is different and can lead you in the wrong direction. 


While the point of today’s episode isn’t to convince you to NOT set a goal-weight, I want to explain why it might be worth letting go. Therefore, I cover 5 reasons why it may not be beneficial. These include:

  1. Completely disregards your health and makes you detach from how your body feels both physically and emotionally
  2. Doesn’t address maintenance and therefore may not be sustainable
  3. Steals your joy and diminishes your real progress
  4. Facilitates an obsession with numbers that can lead to disordered eating
  5. Signals an artificial endpoint


Creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself is about continuing to show up and do the work, and because sustainability is so key to this success, it’s important to create habits manageable and achievable for the rest of your life and not ones that end once you reach a made-up number. 

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Podcast:

  • The difference between setting healthy diet goals for yourself and setting a goal-weight

  • Recommendations for alternative health goals to set for yourself

  • Five reasons setting a goal-weight can be problematic or unhelpful

  • Examples of quality, healthy-life victories to celebrate 

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