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Episode 46_ How to Manage Emotions During COVID-19

Ep 46: How to Manage Your Emotions During COVID-19

Hello Ladies, and thank you for joining me for another episode of the Down To Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast!


Today’s episode is one I shared with my PCOS Insiders Facebook Community, and it is geared to helping you learn strategies to manage your emotions during COVID-19.


I don’t think that anyone could have expected just how quickly and how deeply this would affect our day-to-day lifestyle. I know that for me I have been personally affected too!


It can be difficult knowing that we no longer can carry on with our normal routines, and I understand how that can deeply impact the way you feel and the way you eat.


However, the good news is, that even with the restrictions that are in place right now, there are still very simple, practical things you can be doing each day to feel better. You can adjust yourself to a “new normal” by creating a new healthy routine for yourself. 


Although, I know that emotional eating is something we are all prone to especially during this time of stress, worry, and anxiety, and the feeling that there isn’t much to do other than eat– I want to remind you to eat mindfully and make your physical and mental health a priority during this time.


Be aware not only of what you consume food-wise, but now more than ever, you need to be mindful of what you consume mentally. It’s perfectly okay to unplug from social media, or from negativity on the news and simply take time to yourself to focus on your mental, emotional, and physical health. 


Rather than focusing on the things you cannot control, focus on what you do have the power control.


Your physical and mental health is something you can control. You can take measures to protect yourself from the things that are not good for you.


Whether that’s in regards to food or staying away from any form of negativity and replacing that with positivity, good eating habits, and a healthy routine– do what you need to manage your emotions in a healthy way. 


Know that, although we are in a time of social distancing, that does not mean you need to isolate yourself completely. It’s great for your health to stay connected with others.


In this episode, I share with you what I’m doing to stay connected and proactive in communicating with people. All of this, while still practicing social distancing and while staying at home. 



What You’ll Learn in Today’s Podcast

  • Learn to manage your emotions proactively with intention
  • Strategies to manage your emotions
  • What to implement daily to reduce anxiety
  • How to boost your mood and brain health
  • Ways to feel less stressed and more energetic
  • How to manage your emotions through mindful eating 
  • Controlling what you consume
  • How to stay connected during social distancing
  • Healthy emotional outlets

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