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Episode 48_ Binge Eating Recovery w_ Zoe Klein

Ep 48: Binge Eating Recovery with Zoe Klein



Welcome back ladies to a special episode of the Down to Earth PCOS Podcast!

Today I interview Zoe Klein, a Toronto-based social worker who primarily works with individuals struggling with eating disorders. She specifically addresses binge eating. The fact is that women with PCOS are highly inclined to struggle with binge eating. For that reason, today Zoe sits down with me to talk about her personal journey with the disorder. She is offering tips and advice on how someone can begin recovery. 


Zoe shares both her experiences with binge eating. She also shares the difficulties she faced to get diagnosed with PCOS. She talks about the ways in which women can often struggle to find validation for what their body is feeling and the problems they may be facing.

Zoe encourages women to trust what their body is telling them and to seek out those who will listen. 


To help educate listeners more about binge eating, Zoe defines what the disorder is and how it is different from occasionally eating a large meal or lots of desserts. Instead, Zoe explains how binge eating is often associated with negative feelings. These feelings include shame, anxiety, or anger and can develop from believing there is a certain morality surrounding one’s appetite and relationship to food. 


To help those listeners who may be struggling with binge eating disorder, Zoe recommends first consulting with a social worker or therapist. Additionally, she recommends a nutritionist or doctor in order to receive comprehensive care.

She also shares strategies for how to better identify and manage trigger foods that may make a person feel a loss of control. Finally, she explains how journaling can serve as an important tool for managing binge eating. She discusses how it can be used to help identify patterns of behavior and what needs a person is using binging to fulfill. 


Zoe encourages listeners to follow her on social media for more content concerning binge eating. She reminds them that full recovery is possible from this disorder. She reveals the truth in that much of it lies in learning to trust yourself to make good choices for your body. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Podcast Episode:

  1. A definition for binge eating disorder
  2. Advice for how to start healing from binge eating disorder
  3. Tips for managing trigger foods or foods that may make you feel a loss of control
  4. Why it’s important to consult a social worker or therapist if you believe you have an eating disorder
  5. How journaling can be a helpful tool for healing 


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