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Ep 50:  What You Need to Know About Toxins and Hormonal Health

Ep 50: Toxins and Hormonal Health w/ Dr. Katie Rose

Hello and welcome back to The Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast. Today we are talking about Ep. 50 what you need to know about toxins and hormonal health.


Have you ever thought about the toxins in the chemicals of your daily products? Whether it be in your skincare products, your hair care products, or even your household cleaning products? 


In today’s episode, I interview Dr. Katie Rose, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, specializing in holistic women’s health, fertility, and hormonal imbalance issues.


While in medical school, Dr. Katie Rose was dealing with medical hormonal imbalance and irregular periods.  As a result, her OBGYN doctor recommended birth control for eight years. Then, she was diagnosed with PCOS.  She wanted to get to the root of her medical issues and was not comfortable staying on birth control pills. 


Therefore, due to her personal medical issues, she found holistic compassion medicine.  She utilized the tools and concepts to optimize her own health.  She switched her medical field to focus on women’s health that included fertility, and hormonal issues.


As she dove deep into her own health, she discovered the toxicity in the chemicals found in our daily products.


Today she shares with us how to reduce the burden of toxins in your body by switching out some of the daily products that you may be using that may be affecting your health negatively and disrupting your hormones.


Food for thought: What toxins are in the products you are currently using?


Dr. Katie Rose discusses what to do if you feel that you are already negatively affected by the toxins of the products you are using.


However, if you are not ready to invest your time and money into replacing the products you are using with healthier alternatives, she shares some easy ways to get started. 


Next, she goes into what to look out for when considering the toxins found in your daily products. She provides quality tools and resources to help you identify toxins in your products.


We discuss issues to look out for to know if you are being affected by chemicals in your products and how testing is done holistically.


She provides easy and simple ways to start making healthy changes to remove toxins which include: 


  1. Switch water bottles from plastic to metal or glass. Dr. Katie Rose, mentions the toxicity found in plastic water bottles, and the chemicals that leak into the water
  2. Ditch fragrance products especially those in your body wash, shampoo, and body lotion
  3. Check for ingredients that you can read and easily identify; avoid lab named ingredients


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  1. What to look out for when considering the toxins in your daily products
  2. Tools and resources to help identify toxins in your products
  3. What to look out for to know if you are being affected by chemicals in your products
  4. Testing for product toxins
  5. Ingredients to avoid
  6. Tips and Resources for natural alternatives
  7. Simple actionable steps to healthy changes
  8. How long it will take to see a difference when detoxifying


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