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Ep 54: 5 Common Mistakes with Intermittent Fasting

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Welcome back to the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast, for Episode 53: 5 Common Mistakes with Intermittent Fasting & How to Avoid Them. As you may have noticed, I took a break from creating new episodes in the month of July, but I am back with fresh new content and great new guest for the upcoming episodes! In this episode I’m discussing 5 Common Mistakes made with women with PCOS attempting intermittent fasting the wrong way, and how to avoid those mistakes for best results.


If you are a brand new listener, my name is Dafna Chazin. I am your host here at the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast. I’m a Registered Dietitian that helps women with PCOS change their relationship with food. I help reduce their PCOS symptoms to feel healthy and happy. In this podcast, you’ll find PCOS scientific-based information to help create change through nutrition and lifestyle changes. You’ll be able to make a difference on your PCOS in the most natural and intuitive way possible.

Who is this not for?

Before we dive in, it’s important to note who intermittent fasting is not for. It is not for those that have any form of eating disorders, women trying to conceive, who are already pregnant, or anyone with a history of hypoglycemia, or other health conditions where blood sugar levels could be dipping very low.



How to find out if this is right for me?

If you are still unsure if intermittent fasting is right for you, then please consult a medical professional. You may also take this free quiz I created for you to find out which PCOS eating style is right for you: What PCOS eating style is right for you?: Please note that none of the information on this podcast can replace medical advice. 


The last time I spoke about Intermittent Fasting was in Episode 13 where I covered what it is, the benefits, how to get started and implement and who it is for. 



What type of fasting are you talking about?

The type of intermittent fasting that I’m speaking of is time-restricted eating which is done by limiting the window of eating during the day. During that time you are eating a good healthy amount of food, and intaking a good amount of calories, and having a healthy balanced nutritious meal plan.


What about other fasting methods?


I’m also covering why you shouldn’t participate in any extreme fasting methods. I’ll go into what negative side effects extreme fasting methods can have on your body.


What You’ll Learn on This Podcast Episode:

  1. Time-restricted eating & what it is
  2. How and why intermittent fasting works for PCOS
  3. The key benefits and how it positively affects your PCOS
  4. Doing Intermittent Fasting correctly the PCOS way
  5. Five Common mistakes women make with intermittent fasting & how to avoid them


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