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Ep 55_ Overcoming PCOS Challenges w_ Dr. Dylan Cutler

Ep 55: Overcoming PCOS Challenges w/ Dr. Dylan Cutler

Welcome back to the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast.

I’m so excited to introduce our wonderful guest today, Dr. Dylan Cutler,  an online consultant who empowers women with PCOS. She helps them achieve hormonal balance, regulate periods, and enhance fertility.  All of this while improving their mood and gain body confidence all without dieting or using pills.

Dr. Cutler has her Ph.D. in Obstetrics and Gynecology, specializing in lifestyle changes for PCOS.

She’s also a holistic health content creator. You may also know her as a food photographer, fitness enthusiast, feminist, vegan, and a PCOS fighter herself.

Today Dr. Cutler shares her story and journey with PCOS. First, we discuss when and how she discovered she had PCOS and how she coped with it.  She speaks on how that lead her to an eating disorder as a teenager.

Importantly, we learn how she overcame the psychological, emotional, and physical struggles that come with PCOS. 

Above all, she encourages women to have self-compassion. Emphasizing on not being too hard on yourself. 

Next, we talk about how she manages her flare-ups by utilizing self-help methods. For instance, some of those self-help methods include meditation and yoga. 

Additionally, she shares the difficult journey of when self-help methods didn’t feel like they were enough. She eventually tried antidepressants and transitioned into a more holistic alternative, CBD. 

Dr. Cutler recommends a  plant-based diet. Firstly, she believes in eating more whole nutritious foods. Moreover, explains why a plant-based diet can help you with your PCOS. Additionally, discusses what the benefits are of adopting a plant-based diet.

Lastly, she gives some recommendations in which she believes researchers can dive deeper so that we can get answers to questions we still have about PCOS. 



What You’ll Learn on This Podcast Episode:

  1. Tips for reducing inflammation

  2. Why you should eat more whole foods and stop counting calories

  3. Becoming aware and educated on the effects of birth control for regulating periods

  4. Understanding the causes of androgens and individualized approach for reducing androgens

  5. The link between hormonal imbalances and stress and its effect on psychological and physical health 

  6. Understanding the scientific benefits of meditation for hormone balance

  7. Recommendations for getting started with meditation

  8. Recommendations for Researchers to dive deeper


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Resources: PCOS Awareness Association

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