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Should you pay attention to the glycemic index?

Ep 56: Should you pay attention to the glycemic index?

Welcome back to the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast. You may have heard about the glycemic index (GI) and you’re not sure if you should be paying attention to it to improve your PCOS. In today’s episode, I’m clarifying for you and providing answers to the questions you may have on whether you should or shouldn’t be paying attention to the glycemic index.

First, I break down for you, what the glycemic index is and how it correlates to your blood sugar levels. 

Secondly, I talk to you about how blood sugar levels affect insulin, and how that affects PCOS. 

Next, I discuss the issues with the glycemic index and what I recommend that you should be doing instead. 

But, I also tell you about what some of the scientifically proven benefits are. 

You will learn what I find the three main issues and flaws are with the scientific studies and why it’s not a down-to-earth approach.

However, there are certain situations where it can be helpful and  I tell you all about what that specific special circumstance is. 

Ultimately, it comes down to prioritizing wholesome foods, and not focusing so much on the numbers for the glycemic index. 

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What You’ll Learn on This Podcast Episode:

  1. What the glycemic index (GI) is
  2. Blood sugars effects on insulin
  3. Three main flaws with the GI
  4. Benefits of the GI
  5. When it’s a good time to use the GI


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