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5 Benefits of Becoming a Better Planner

Ep 57: 5 Benefits of Becoming a Better Planner

Welcome back to the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast. I’m a huge believer in planning. A few episodes ago I talked about PCOS basics, and the essential things to do when you’re on your health journey. Episode 42 includes everything from the nutritional aspect to the mindset. One of the key things I mention at the end of that episode is planning. 

Planning is one of the key behaviors to master for success with PCOS. If you’re tired of getting a short-term fix and want to cultivate sustainable long-term habits, then planning is absolutely essential. 

In my course, there is a module dedicated to just planning. My clients often walk away becoming better planners, feeling more confident in their newly built intentional habit of planning, being able to see the plan with clarity and see the results reflect in managing their PCOS in a healthy sustainable way. 

Today you will get to hear some of my client’s true stories of how planning has helped them create healthier habits to manage their  PCOS. If you’re that person that is very busy and often gets fast food as a quick bite whenever you can find a minute, then you’ll want to hear Sam’s story and the actionable steps she took to overcome an unhealthy cycle with food in the mist of her busy life, and take control of her health to take the steps forward to attain her goals. 

What You’ll Learn on This Podcast Episode:

  1. What “imperfect” planning really looks like
  2. The 5 benefits of becoming a better planner
  3. Learn planning strategies to implement into your own life
  4. Why planning elevates your success to managing PCOS and get you healthier
  5. How planning creates long-term sustainability
  6. Real-life testimonials of how planning has helped women with PCOS
  7. Learn how planning can reduce stress and anxiety
  8. How to make planning simple 
  9. How to reduce decision fatigue
  10. Learn how planning can help manage your appetite and reduce impulsive eating


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