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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for PCOS w/ Dr. Caroline Floyd

Ep 58: Chinese Medicine w/ Dr. Caroline Floyd

Welcome back to the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast, today’s wonderful guest is Dr. Caroline Floyd, DACM, LAc. She practices in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and is located in Sacramento, California. Dr. Floyd specializes in hormone health, emotional wellness for women. She sees patients with a variety of issues such as PCOS, menstrual issues, PMS, fertility, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

She is the founder of Dr. Floyd Rx which is a Chinese herbal product line for those needing assistance with menstrual health, fertility, and emotional health.

Firstly, in this episode, we will be talking about the principals of Chinese medicine. Next, we discuss how Dr. Floyd works with her patients and helps them through their fertility journey.

Importantly, as Eastern medicine treatments are growingly popular, it is important to understand more about it,  how it can benefit you. If you decide this is something you would like to try, Dr. Floyd discusses how you can best incorporate it into your treatment to help you with your PCOS.

If you’ve had difficulty in finding the answers that you’re looking for, for treating your PCOS through conventional medicine and are looking for a holistic eastern approach, then this episode is just for you and will inform you on how it works, who it’s for, and how you can best benefit from it.

What You’ll Learn on This Podcast Episode:

  1. Principles of Chinese medicine
  2. What acupuncture is & how it benefits women with PCOS
  3. What you can expect if you choose to give this treatment approach a chance


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