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Creating a workout routine that's right for your body with Letisha Bates

Ep 61: Creating a Body-Centered Workout w/ Letisha Bates

Welcome back to the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast.

My special guest today is Letisha Bates. Letisha is a registered health coach certified in holistic nutrition and weight loss for women. Having PCOS herself she understands the struggles women have with PCOS. She advocates for the PCOS community and encourages lawmakers to fill in the gaps in PCOS care and research. Her personal journey and struggles, help her to empower women with PCOS. 

Letisha shares all about her journey and how she was diagnosed. She opens up about her struggles with weight and how she overcame it by taking control of her health with fitness exercising.  On the other hand, she also speaks about how she went into extreme fitness diving into bodybuilding and how it actually had an adverse effect on her body, breaking it down instead of building it up. She goes into how what you think about dieting and fitness may not be what’s right for you, and how important it is to find the right workout routine that is right for your body specifically because, with PCOS, there is no one solution that suits all. 

She shares with us on creating a workout that works for your body and shares the benefits of exercising with PCOS and its effect on hormones and insulin levels. Also, how over working out and under working-out can negatively affect your body.

We also discuss how motivation and will-power may not be enough to keep consistent, but what you can do and implement to positively stay consistent. Letisha also shares a simple solution as to what you can do to get started with working out. Lastly, Letisha shares some key components that affect your workouts and your workout results. 




What You’ll Learn on This Podcast Episode:

  • Letisha’s journey with PCOS & how she discovered she had PCOS
  • How fitness helps with PCOS
  • How what you think about dieting and fitness may not be right for you
  • Creating a workout routine that works for your body
  • Learning some exercises you can do at home
  • How to get started with exercise with  what’s accessible to you
  • Benefits of exercising with PCOS
  • How working out affects hormones and insulin levels
  • Learn how over or under-exercising can negatively affect the body and why it’s so important to find the balance by listening to your  body
  • What people should implement to have a healthy balance for working out and sustaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Why motivation and will-power isn’t enough to keep you consistent & what you can do to help you stay consistent
  • What you can do to start working out
  • Things that affect your workout results
  • Learn how long is a good amount of time to workout
  • The importance of listening to your body over listening to what works for others
  • Finding what serves your body well
  • Low cardio implementation for your workout (LIFT training)



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