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EP 62 Exploring Binge Eating with Psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston

Ep 62: Exploring Binge Eating with Dr. Glenn Livingston

Welcome back to the Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast. Today we will be exploring the topic of binge eating with psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston. Dr. Livingston is the author of the popular book, Never Binge Again,  and is a daily blogger at


First, we dive into Dr. Livingston’s personal journey out of obesity and binge eating. He has spent decades on understanding the psychology behind overeating as well as what causes us to binge eat and what causes us to have this troublesome relationship with food. 


Interestingly, we get to hear his experience as a consultant for major food manufacturing companies and how these companies rather intentionally formulate our food or market it in such a way to make it addictive which becomes a high contributor to overeating habits. 


His unique way of approaching food choices has helped people maintain a healthy weight and have a lighthearted relationship with food.


Important to note, that although Dr. Livingston’s approach is quite different from the approaches you may have heard here on the show before. It is important to keep an open mind to different approaches, as the journey to healing one’s relationship with food is not a one-size-fits-all. He helps you to think differently about food and this approach may be what works for you. 


Also important to note is that Dr. Livingston is not promoting a specific diet, rather helps people to understand and overcome what leads to overeating and what makes us make decisions that aren’t good and helps us understand how we can move forward to heal our relationship with food. Dr. Livingston is providing a new approach and shares his alternative philosophy on binge eating so that you can learn what works best for you. 


Dr. Livingston dives into how binge eating is more than just trying to heal your emotional wounds


In this episode, Dr. Livingston dives into how binge eating is more than just trying to heal your emotional wounds but how there is deeper psychology to it. We discuss binge eating and if there are biological predispositions. Dr. Livingston also discusses some flaws in other approaches.  He talks about the links between trauma and overeating.  


Lastly, Dr. Livington shares with use his resource on where to find his book and great resources that follow his philosophies on over eating. I highly recommend you check him out at the link below.


What You’ll Learn on This Podcast Episode:

  • How binging is deeper than meeting your emotional healing and needs
  • How big companies advertising tactics have contributing factors to binge eating
  • Predisposals to binge eating
  • Why restrictive eating is not the best method to overcome overeating
  • The balance with food rules and the issues with the mindful approach
  • The link between trauma and binge eating



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