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Ep. 15 Weight Loss Meds

Episode 15: 5 Things to Know About Weight Loss Medications

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Today’s episode is a bit different than previous ones as I’ll be focusing on a topic I don’t talk about frequently – weight loss medications. I realize that for many people, the thought of using medications for weight loss is scary and even upsetting. And I can totally relate to that. Using medications is never my first choice nor do I believe they can work for every person.

However, my goal is always to educate, inspire and equip you with knowledge that will help you find the right path to weight loss. Weight loss medications are something you may encounter as you begin the journey (by scrolling social media or speaking to your doctor) and I believe having a good understanding of what they are and how they work is important.  I’ve also been receiving a questions on this topic and also seeing many threads on social media that reflect some confusion – so let’s clear things up!

Important note: the medications discussed in today’s episode are drugs that must be prescribed by a doctor and are not available over the counter, these aren’t nutritional supplements. And, since these are prescription drugs and I am not a doctor, what you’ll hear from me today is my personal opinion about these meds and what I’ve learned over the past decade working on and off with clients who used these medications to augment their weight loss efforts as well as with doctors who prescribe them. This information is not meant to replace medical advice.

What are weight loss medications?
There are 4 relatively new weight loss medications that are have been FDA approved around 2012 for use in weight loss. They are sold under the brand names: Belviq, qsymia, Contrave, and Saxenda. While these medications are all indicated for use in weight loss, they have different mechanisms of action and different ingredients. What’s important to know is that they do not cause a weight loss in and of themselves. They simply curb appetite and reduce feelings of intense hunger. This helps individuals control portions and eat less, which aides in weight loss.

Who are they for?
Weight loss medications can be helpful as a tool for individuals looking to lose weight who are dealing with excessive hunger. They work, for the most part, on reducing activity in parts of the brain that control appetite and desire for food. These medications are not helpful in situations where emotional eating is a major source of overeating. Also, it’s important to know that, like many other tools, medications for weight loss only work when they’re combined with a healthy eating plan. This episode will help you understand the specific situations where medications can be helpful, what results you can expect and how to prevent weight regain once you wean off the medication.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. If and when would it be appropriate to think about adding a medication to your routine.
  2. The specific ways weight loss medications can aide weight loss.
  3. What are the typical weight loss results as well common side effects
  4. How my clients made medications work while they establish healthier habits for life

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