The Down To Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast

Ep. 17

Episode 17: Powering Through Weight Loss Plateaus

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Welcome back to another episode of the Slim & Satisfied Podcast! In today’s episode, I’ll be focusing on the topic of weight loss plateaus, one of the most common obstacles women encounter when trying to lose weight.

I understand how frustrating this apparent halt in progress can be, so my goal for this episode is to help listeners better understand why weight loss plateaus occur and how best to push through them and keep moving forward.  

When encountering a weight loss plateau, it is especially important to focus less on the numbers on the scale and more on the holistic progress you’re making in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Even when this progress seems invisible, simply evaluating how a healthier lifestyle has improved your energy levels, mood, self-confidence, etc. is a good way to help yourself stay on task. This mindset will help to prevent the temptation to fall back into old eating habits as well as counter our tendencies to become overly self-critical.  

In addition to helping you better define and understand why weight loss plateaus occur, I also breakdown the 5 -steps to overcome weight loss plateaus. Here are the highlights:  

  1. Get objective and track your intake more objectively
  2. Look at the composition of your diet and adjust your macros
  3. Evaluate your sleeping patterns
  4. Eat based on your circadian rhythm
  5. Experiment with exercise

I dive deeper into how each step might serve as a simple solution to what seems like a brick wall of a problem, so as to help you continue on your path forward. I also advise on what not to do when experiencing a weight loss plateau, discussing actions that can often lead to negative thoughts and feelings.

Instead, I encourage using the experience as a time for further self-growth, which can continue fostering a healthy and positive mindset.  

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode: 

  1. A 5-step process for how to overcome weight loss plateaus
  2. Tips for how to weigh yourself properly at home
  3. Several reasons why a weight loss plateau may occur
  4. What not to do when facing a weight loss plateau

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