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Episode 2: 5 Smart Ways to Eat Carbs

Welcome Back to Episode 2!

We’re living in a diet-obsessed world where restriction and elimination is the norm. If you’ve recently been on a weight loss regimen, you’ve probably tried to cut back on eating carbohydrates. So many of the top weight loss plans today revolve around reducing sugar and starches and increasing protein and fat (think of keto, paleo and The Whole30). So I decided to experiment and follow a low-carb plan a few months ago. I went on the Whole30 diet to see what it feels like to eliminate many of the foods I love eating. While I felt great initially, thing weren’t as easy later on. So today, I want to share with you a smart way to cut carbs so you can eat your bread and lose weight too!

 In today’s episode I discuss:

  • What it felt like to follow The Whole30 diet and what my thoughts are about this plan
  • Why we see big weight reductions when we first cut back on carbohydrates
  • Which carb foods we need to focus on most of the time for consistent weight loss
  • 5 smart strategies for eating carbs at every meal and losing weight consistently


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