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Ep. 5 Making Change

Episode 5: Key Insights About Change

Hello again, everybody!

Today, we’re going to cover something that I think is a core topic when it comes to weight loss—what it takes to make changes happen. When we first embark on our journey through weight loss, making changes to our lifestyle and unhealthy habits is key. I see a lot of women struggle to make consistent, meaningful changes because of some misconceptions and beliefs around their ability to make those changes. Making a positive change is something more profound than watching the numbers on a scale. It’s about how we feel, how we act, and how we go through our day-to-day lives.

In order to successfully implement changes that really make a difference, there are 3 key insights we need to embrace:

First, our body is not wired for change. Our brain is designed to keep us safe and in a familiar situation. This is called the “primal” or “reptilian” brain, and its sole purpose is survival. Thanks to this evolutionary development, anything you do to change what makes you feel comfortable will be met with resistance—risk is associated with the unknown. This part of your brain isn’t thinking about the long-term goals you have. This is where the FFF cycle from Episode 3 (linked below) comes into play. Be sure to check it out.

Secondly, change is uncomfortable.If it feels a bit challenging, you’re doing something right. If you don’t love the changes at first, that’s okay, but wait and see how you like the results. I use another example of a client I work with who had to make some changes that were frustrating to her. However, in the end, she was so pleased with the results she was feeling and seeing that she decided she could keep it up. I explain that when you change the way you think about change, things start to fall into place.

Finally, change creates motivation, not the other way around. Enough waiting for a specific time to make changes—that doesn’t matter. You have no more chance of success because you started making a change at a certain time of year or after a certain life event. Right now is the best time. The more you delay, the less chance you have to stick with your changes. I talk about the importance of starting small when we talk about changes. In the case of the client who stuck with her changes, she met herself where she was. She implemented changes that felt right to her and that made the new behavior stick.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

In this episode, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to make significant, meaningful changes. I offer some key insight into what’s important to remember when you’re starting to make changes. You’ll also learn how to avoid falling into the FFF cycle and how to stick with your changes even when the going gets tough.

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