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Ep. 29 5 PCOS nutrition myths

Episode 29: 5 PCOS Nutrition Tips Your Should Ignore

Hello ladies, and welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast! 

On today’s episode, I discuss the 5 PCOS nutrition myths you should ignore. Following up with our topic from last week’s episode, I reiterate that while the Internet, social media, and online blogs can offer community and great advice for women with PCOS, they can also perpetuate a lot of misinformation and make it difficult to decide between what’s credible and what isn’t.

So, in today’s episode I want to help clarify some common diet misconceptions given to women with PCOS so as to help you not become distracted by unhelpful advice. Instead, I want to help clear away confusion and provide you with the tools for becoming more confident in your eating and health decisions. 

Here are 5 PCOS Nutrition Tips to Ignore:

1. The Myth: You shouldn’t eat fruit/ you should eliminate ALL forms of sugar. 

The Truth: Unprocessed fruit does have health benefits and naturally occurring fructose won’t significantly raise your blood sugar. 

2. The Myth: Eat all the fat that you want.

The Truth: Focus on type, not amount. Eating the right kind of fat is beneficial and can lower you risk of disease. 

3. The Myth: Fill in the gaps of your diet with supplements.

The Truth: Supplements should not be used to fill in the holes of a diet but rather be used to optimize what are already healthy behaviors. 

4. The Myth: Gluten is inflammatory and should be avoided with PCOS.

The Truth: There is no research that proves gluten is inflammatory, and eliminating gluten from your diet can be restrictive and cut out foods that could have potential health benefits. 

5. The Myth: Eating smaller meals more frequently is beneficial for weight-loss for women with PCOS.

The Truth: This technique does not work for most people because it’s a practice that constantly gives the body more food to digest than it needs. It also forces you to eat according to the clock rather than according to when you are hungry, which is not a healthy habit to create. 

I elaborate on each of these points further within the podcast, offering alternative healthy behaviors in lieu of these common pieces of advice. Ultimately though, I want to encourage you to become educated about the health decisions you’re making so that you are prepared to make choices about your health that best work for you and are sustainable for your lifestyle.

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. The differences between processed and unprocessed fruit and the best ways to incorporate fruit into your diet
  2. What fats/foods to eliminate or cut back on in your diet and which to add more of
  3. Why eating smaller meals can be detrimental to your health plan and long-term healthy eating goals
  4. Advice for making sure you are not being too restrictive in your diet or over-complicating your food decisions

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