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ep. 18- mindset

Episode 18: Get Your Mindset Right First. Here’s How.

Hi Ladies!

In today’s episode, I turn our attention away from the external and towards the importance of evaluating our internal, mental and emotional approaches towards weight loss. Drawing from my own personal experience working with clients, I’ve learned that establishing a strong mental foundation is imperative for weight loss success.

Because dedicating oneself to weight loss is often a major life change, it’s important for us to mentally and emotionally prepare ourselves to undertake it and to set aside time to reflect on our mindsets and whether or not they are aligned to help us best meet our goals.

 I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a positive mindset throughout the weight loss process, especially on the occasions when we encounter obstacles. Therefore, I share my “Three Pillars of the Weight Loss Mindset,” which include:

  1. Owning your decisions. Recognize the choice you have every time you eat and be empowered by it.
  2. Always be planning in order to build healthy habits as well as self-confidence.
  3. Accepting who you are right now, and trust that you’ll find your own unique path.

I elaborate on each of these three points, giving examples of how to implement them within your own life. By following these, I believe you’ll be able to establish a more positive approach towards weight loss that will keep you motivated, excited, and focused, week after week. 

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. How your mindset can drastically impact your weight-loss goals
  2. The importance of owning your food choices
  3. Tips for creating an achievable and flexible weight-loss plan
  4. Ways to create a more positive approach towards weight loss

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