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Ep. 19- Healing Relationship w_ food

Episode 19: Healing Your Relationship with Food w/ Guest Kristin Burdi

Hello again and welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast!

In today’s episode, I am joined by holistic health coach, Kristin Burdi, who dedicates herself to helping women heal their relationship with food, particularly women with PCOS. 

Kristin shares with us her personal struggles with food and the negative relationship she had with eating before her PCOS diagnosis. She then explains how her diagnosis actually helped her to shift her lifestyle practices and self-image for the better. 

Together, Kristin and I discuss how the recognition of a hormonal imbalance should encourage reflection on self-care and emotional healing. Kristin opens up about how in the past, she was afraid of food, connecting this fear to her negative self-image.

She does so to show us the important role our thoughts play in our relationship with food and how often times when we’re taking steps to heal regarding our diet, we need to do the same regarding our own self-perception. 

Kristin and I recommend that women take the time to figure out what self-care works best for their body, personality, and lifestyle. Kristin also shares her best daily practices that have helped her develop a healthier self-perspective, such as: 

  • Journaling 
  • Morning pages
  • Meditation 

She recommends incorporating these into our lives as quick and easy ways to combat those negative feelings that make our relationship with food more difficult. 

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast:

In today’s episode, Kristin shares with us the steps she took after her PCOS diagnosis in order to realign her body’s hormones. She also breaks down her personal practices in moving forward from emotional eating or mental negativity, offering tips to those of you that struggle with similar challenges.  


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