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Episode 30: Fitting Healthy Eating Into Your Busy Schedule

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How many times have said to yourself: “I’m too busy to eat healthy”?

I’m going to assume that you’ve done it more than once. If you’re leading a busy lifestyle, as many of my clients do, you know the feeling that there is just not enough time in the day, let alone extra time for meal prepping, going to the gym or keeping up with your evening relaxation routine! However, over time, being overly busy and leaving no time for yourself can take a serious toll on your health. You’re probably familiar with that, too. 

Today’s podcast episode is designed to help to change that. I will be sharing some simple ways to incorporate healthy eating into your current lifestyle, without spending hours a week in the kitchen. I will be encouraging you to make these changes a regular part of your routine so that you become more skilled in practicing them.

Before implementing these strategies, however, I suggest making three important mindset shifts that will help you go from wishing for a healthier lifestyle to actually taking the action to achieve it. 

These three mindset shifts include: 

  1. Making a change. If you want a different outcome, you have to do something different. 
  2. Understanding that fitting healthy eating into your schedule is going to take some sacrifice.
  3. Loving the process and getting excited about adding healthy behaviors into your day.

I then share five different strategies for sprinkling healthy habits into your busy day. These include:

  1. Schedule two, ten-minute time blocks during your day for practicing healthy behaviors
  2. Keep meals simple and repetitive
  3. Take help from the store when it comes to meal-prep
  4. Be smart and efficient when cooking
  5. Have healthy snacks with you so you feel well-equipped for the day

I recommend incorporating two or three of these practices into each day in order for you to begin creating easy, sustainable health habits.  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  1. Advice for practicing better time-management when it comes to eating.
  2. The importance of creating stress-free morning routines.
  3. Tips for using ten-minute blocks of time to set yourself up for healthy success.
  4. Ways to prep healthy food efficiently so that one day of cooking can last for several meals.
  5. Advice for “strategic snacking”.

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