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Ep. 20 simplifying weight loss

Episode 20: 3 Ways To Simplify Weight Loss

Welcome back, Ladies!

Thank you for joining me, Dafna Chazin, for another episode of the Slim & Satisfied Podcast. Today, our topic is simplifying weight loss. I’ll be sharing with you some of the best strategies I’ve learned to help keep the process straightforward and simple. 

Keeping Weight Loss Simple Is Important 

Putting our life on hold to lose weight makes the process become an obstacle that we’re less likely to stay dedicated to. However, by keeping a plan easy and straightforward, we’re more likely to smoothly integrate healthy habits into our lives and practice them consistently. That is the key to healthy living.

So, in order to guide you in simplifying your weight loss plan, I outline three main principles, they include:

  1. Stimuli Narrowing, which entails limiting our choices so that we’re less stimulated by food
  2. The Power of One, or, concentrating on only building one new healthy habit at a time
  3. Setting Boundaries and Thinking about Personal Negotiations, so as to set yourself up for success in future situations 

I elaborate on each of these 3 principles in the episode, offering advice I’ve given to my own clients as well as learned from working with them. Women are most likely to fall off of their weight loss plans when life becomes too hectic or overwhelming. By sticking with these principles, however, you’ll simplify your weight loss plan so that it is manageable and stress-free, even during times when life gets demanding.

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast:

  1. The 3 steps to take in order to simplify your weight loss plan
  2. Ways to streamline your food environment so it’s not hyper-stimulating
  3. How to identify which unhealthy habits in your life need to be focused on the most
  4. How to best communicating with loved ones and yourself about your weight loss needs

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