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Ep. 34 How To Tell If You Have Anxiety w_ Liat Hai

Episode 34: How To Tell If You Have Anxiety with Liat Haim

On today’s episode, I interview a very special guest – my sister, Liat Haim! Liat is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and therapist who specializes in working with children and young adults with mood disorders. Together, the two of us talk about today’s topic: anxiety.

Women with PCOS are far more likely to suffer from anxiety, and so Liat offers her professional advice on how to recognize when it is becoming unhealthy and negatively affecting our lives and what can be done to help resolve this.

Liat explains that anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences, and that it can be helpful when it comes to having to perform under pressure. She clarifies that anxiety really only becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with everyday life tasks and starts to dictate what someone can and cannot do. 

In order to help you recognize whether the anxiety you’re experiencing might be unhealthy, Liat then explains how to tell when our bodies are experiencing too much anxiety by describing four groups of symptoms: physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral. She then encourages listeners to learn to recognize their own personal symptoms, as they can differ for each person.

Liat and I then conclude our conversation with Liat offering five basic techniques a person can use to help manage their anxiety. These include: 

  1. Being sure to get enough sleep
  2. Exercising on a daily basis
  3. Limiting the amount of caffeine and alcohol we consume
  4. Eating a well-balanced diet
  5. Making sure we have a strong support system 

According to Liat, “It’s important for people to understand that there is a solution for the way that they feel.” We don’t have to stay stuck in our stress and anxiety. How we feel and how we perceive ourselves directly impact our ability to enact change within our lives, and by being able to better deal with life’s stressors, we’ll be more likely to make healthier choices and feel better about ourselves. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  1. How to differentiate between normal and unhealthy anxiety
  2. Different physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of anxiety
  3. The importance of giving our brain a break during the day and ways to do this
  4. How food improves or worsens our ability to deal with life’s stressors
  5. How planning ahead can help to reduce stress 

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