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Episode 38: Is It Head Hunger or Body Hunger?

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In today’s episode Dafna speaks about managing appetite. So many women with PCOS struggle with hunger, cravings and a strong desire to eat throughout the day. This may the result of hormonal imbalances or habits that formed over time. Regardless of the reason someone feels the need to eat frequently, it’s important to identify the type of hunger we experience and then manage it appropriately. This, in turn, will help reach our health goals, and specifically weight loss goals, more quickly and easily. 

Head Hunger Versus Body Hunger

To truly become mindful and in touch with our body, it’s important to recognize the TYPE of hunger we’re experiencing. Of course, true bodily hunger is an innate response to lack of fuel in the system and needs to be answered with the right type of nutrition. But what about head hunger? This type of hunger is usually more emotional. In this part of the episode, Dafna will provide 4 questions you can ask yourself to identify whether you’re experiencing head hunger or body hunger.

How to Manage Body Hunger

Managing true hunger can be done in various ways. Dafna will discuss what are the most effective strategies to reduce hunger so you can stick with a healthy meal plan more comfortably. These include using a hunger scale, hydration and proper timing and spacing of meals. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. Why controlling appetite can help you meet your health and weight goals
  2. How to recognize the difference between head and body hunger
  3. How to use a hunger scale to check in with your body
  4. Additional strategies you can use to reduce hunger during the day.

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