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Ep. 31 TM Client Coaching Call

Episode 31: Losing 20 lbs, Coming Off Meds and Getting Rid of Acne and Migraines – Client Coaching Call w/ Theresa Millerschoen

Hey there and welcome back!

Today’s episode is special since I’ll be interviewing Theresa Millerschoen, one of my current clients. I decided to have Theresa on the show since her story is inspirational and will likely resonate with you on multiple levels!

Theresa’s Story

Theresa is a busy nurse who is also in graduate school. She has been struggling with PCOS symptoms such as weight gain, acne, oily hair, anxiety and migraines for years. After several weight loss attempts that were not successful she decided to make a significant lifestyle change. She will be sharing some of the habits she developed, what worked (and what didn’t) and how she continues to work on improving her health every single day.  We will also discuss some of the current obstacles she’s facing and what goals she will be practicing to continue her amazing success path. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. The way PCOS has impacted Theresa’s body, both mentally and physically. 
  2. What Friday night routine she gave up as soon as she realized it wasn’t serving her!
  3. The new healthy habits she has been adopting and how she find time for healthy eating.
  4. The recent hiccup that threw her off a bit, and how she plans to get her groove back!
  5. What goals, habits and mindsets she will be focusing on moving forward.

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