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Ep.37 Goals

Episode 37: Make Your 2020 Goals Stick

Hello and welcome back! Thank you for joining me on another episode of The Slim & Satisfied Podcast. 

On today’s episode, I talk about how to set the right goals for yourself and come up with a meal and lifestyle plan that’s easy for you to implement and sustainable to maintain. Oftentimes, people do not set the right type of goals for themselves, and this is why they ultimately fail. We receive so many mixed messages and advice when it comes to achieving our health goals that it’s easy to become stuck in an ineffective plan. To prevent against this, I explain some of the best ways to begin building solid, achievable goals for yourself. 

First, you need to spend time thinking about what your goal should be by reflecting on what behaviors are happening most frequently in your life right now that do not align with your health goals. By focusing on adjusting our most frequent behaviors, this will lead to the biggest impact. I then explain the three building blocks to a good goal:

  1. It’s specific
  2. It’s realistic
  3. It has a numerical component

You want to make sure that you are setting goals appropriate for where you are right now in your life. By starting with small adjustments, you’re less likely to experience burnout and are more likely to create lasting behaviors you can then continue to build upon and maintain.

As we begin 2020, rather than wasting energy wishing for a change in your life, start by setting powerful goals that can help with healing your body and getting healthy. Things won’t change unless you do something to change them. As always, I am happy to be your guide along this journey, so feel free to reach out, share your goals with me, or we can work together to create some that will propel you towards progress. 

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  1. Why New Year’s resolutions often fail
  2. Why it’s best to start small when setting goals for yourself
  3. How adding numbers to your goals makes them more achievable
  4. Advice for possible behaviors in your life to begin changing and how to do so

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