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Ep.22 PCOS-Proof Your Kitchen

Episode 22: How to PCOS-Proof Your Kitchen – Part 2

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining me, Dafna Chazin, for another episode of my Slim & Satisfied Podcast. In today’s episode, we continue our two-part series dedicated to helping you PCOS-proof your kitchen.

This process includes 3-steps:

  1. The 3P Purge (Which was covered on last week’s episode)
  2. Restocking your kitchen with the right foods
  3. Planning for how to incorporate these foods into your meals and snacks

Today, I break down steps 2 and 3, emphasizing the importance of being intentional about our food choices. By choosing foods that we know are healing for PCOS, we can actively help to balance out our hormones in a way that addresses the root cause of common symptoms such as cravings, acne, weight gain and irregular cycles.

In doing so, we can better manage aspects of our health such as blood-sugar, inflammation, and even fertility. 

So, for step 2 of making your kitchen PCOS-proof, I encourage restocking your kitchen with hormone balancing staples, which I break down into 4 different types of food. These are:

  1. Slow Carbs, or carbohydrates that break down slowly over time
  2. Foods rich in antioxidants
  3. Healthy Fats
  4. Foods containing probiotics and prebiotics

In the episode, I delve into how and why these foods in particular are good for our bodies and the health benefits that can come from swapping them into our diet. I provide many examples of foods that fall into one of these four categories and offer advice for what they may be used to replace. I also suggest ways for you to begin incorporating these foods into your diet so as to help make this process a simple and enjoyable one. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

In this episode, I explain how to set up your PCOS-Proof Kitchen quickly and easily. I talk about the specific foods to bring into your home and how to use them to create meals. I also offer recommendations regarding the amount of each nutrient to consume on a daily basis as well as proper portion sizes. In doing so, I hope to provide you with a variety of options for creating a diet designed for PCOS-healing, more of which can be found in my “PCOS-Proof Kitchen Guide” listed below. 

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