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Ep. 28 Should You Go On a Social Media Diet?

Episode 28: Should You Go On a Social Media Diet?

Welcome back to the Slim & Satisfied Podcast! 

On this episode, I ask you, my listeners, one important question: Do you need to go on a social media diet? In asking this question, I encourage you to reflect on your social media use and how it may be fueling your eating or creating unhealthy habits that set you up for failure. 

The Scoop About Social Media 

 I recognize that social media is usually a double-edged sword, specifically for women with PCOS. This is often because women with PCOS fail to receive sufficient time and attention from their doctors and so are commonly left with generic or irrelevant advice regarding their health.

Because of this, many women turn to the internet for advice and to feel connected, social media offering them a built-in community. However, while such a community can offer support and knowledge, social media can often become overwhelming because there is SO MUCH information, and it becomes difficult deciding who to trust. 

Here are 3 main reasons to consider a social media diet:

  1. Not everyone is an expert, and knowing who you get your information from does matter 
  2. Information overload from social media can lead to self-procrastination or trap you in a no-action mode that prevents you from beginning your own health journey
  3. Social media is a time-trap that consumes precious parts of your day that could be used for developing healthy habits. It can also lead to negative feelings of comparison and self-judgment that only creates more anxiety and stress 

You want to make sure that in your life you’re making decisions that serve you best and help you feel your best. So if you decide a social media diet is right for you, I then offer 3 tips for how to begin:

  1. Be selective about whose advice you follow and declutter your social media feeds 
  2. Go deep and not wide when choosing which content to engage with
  3. Set boundaries for yourself in terms ofwhenyou use social media 

I expand upon each of these tips further in the podcast, offering suggestions for how to begin implementing them in your own life. Ultimately, I encourage you to make sure that the information you’re consuming is truly relevant and inspiring to you because this is the kind of information that will help to kick-start and encourage your own healthy habits. 

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode: 

  1. Why social media communities become so appealing to women with PCOS
  2. How to recognize the 3 types of people you often encounter online regarding PCOS advice and information
  3. Why consuming too much information on social media is detrimental to establishing healthy behaviors
  4. Tips for better information consumption 
  5. Advice for how to begin reducing the time you spend on social media

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