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Episode 32: Three Important Mindset Shifts To Make This Holiday Season

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Today’s episode of Slim and Satisfied is focused on preparing you for the holiday season, which is a challenging time for many of us. The temptation from food, financial obligations, social interactions and time spent with family and friends can often feel stressful and lead to unhealthy food choices. However, we will not be talking about how to make the best food decisions on this episode, per se. But rather, discuss the important mindset shifts that will reduce stress, help you feel more in control as well as teach you how to set boundaries so that you can stay on track for the next month or so with ease. 

Holiday Statistics 

Studies show that people gain between 3-5 lbs each holiday season, and, that this weight does not come off after the season ends, unless we intentionally work to take it off. Over time, the accumulation of this weight can lead to significant weight changes, such as when we see women gain 20-30 lbs in a decade. It’s significant! That’s why finding ways to navigate the season in a healthy and mindful way can make a difference in the outcomes we experience. Changing our thinking can be pivotal to accomplish this.

3 Mindset Shifts to Adopt This Holiday Season 

  1. Set Your Intentions Ahead of Time – When you determine what the holidays truly mean to you, it will shape how you show up to parties and gatherings. This can mean you’re focusing on being together and spending time with loved ones without placing too much emphasis on food and drinks. 
  2. Prioritize Your Food – let’s face it, not every item on the holiday table means the same thing to you. We all have our holiday favorites and we all get maximal enjoyment from a small selection of special holiday foods. Those are our “Hell YES” foods. Everything else is by default a “Hell NO”.
  3. Train Your NO Muscle – Think about it, are there times when you’ve said yes in a social situation or to a family member and actually said NO to yourself? Remember, there’s a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. If you really want a certain outcome, you have to verbalize your boundaries and stick with them!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. Why changing how you think is more powerful than thinking about your food choices.
  2. The 3 key mindset shifts that will help you stay on track and feel great about it this holiday season.
  3. How setting your intentions and prioritizing your choices creates a sense of empowerment and reduces anxiety and stress. 
  4. How to become assertive without offending so you can finally get what you need to continue your health journey without feeling like a victim or a jerk…. 

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