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Episode 24: Why Am I Always Hungry?!

Hello ladies!

Welcome back to another episode of the Slim & Satisfied Podcast with me, Dafna Chazin. Today, I focus on what always seems to be one of the most difficult parts of healthy eating: Managing Hunger.

People often report excessive hunger to be the main reason they couldn’t stick to a healthy eating plan. Thinking about being hungry can become all-consuming and most people view it as an unfortunate reality of weight-loss programs.

Today, I want to help show you why this isn’t true in order to help prevent that anxiety over appetite that we so often associate with weight-loss goals.

Drawing from my own past experiences in a weight-loss program that led to me making some unhealthy decisions, in this episode I really advocate for the importance of building a healthy relationship to food physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I encourage women to listen to their bodies, think more deeply about how they are defining their understanding of hunger, and to better organize their eating habits. It’s crucial we find out what often drives us to eat so that food can stop controlling us, and we can regain better control over our food decisions. 

In order to begin this process, I offer 4 tips for managing hunger throughout your day. They include:

  1. Learn to identify real hunger vs. head hunger
  2. Taper off snacking, or, if you need a snack, make sure it is something protein-based
  3. Add more fiber through slow carbs to each meal
  4. Improve your hydration and consume most fluids between meals

By introducing these four practices into your life, you should be able to better develop a calorie-burning rhythm for your body that helps you to keep your meals on a consistent schedule and ward against overeating or eating when unnecessary.

I elaborate more on each of these points in the podcast, so as to help you fully understand that weight-loss does not have to mean hunger and is a process that can be enjoyable as well as empowering. 

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast: 

  1. Ways to recognize if your diet is too restrictive
  2. Strategies for helping you to identify what’s driving you to eat
  3. Advice for structuring your meals each day to ensure they are balanced and filling
  4. The importance of not skipping, skimping, or snacking
  5. Tips and practices for how to better stay hydrated throughout the day 

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