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Ep. 27 Why Calorie Restriction Will Never Work For PCOS

Episode 27: Why Calorie Restriction Will Never Work for PCOS

Hey there! This week’s episode is from an IGTV video I recently shared on my page. It answers a common question I get asked which is: Should I follow a certain calorie level to lose weight with PCOS?

The simple answer is: NO.

You do not need to worry as much about calories, if your diet is incorporating the RIGHT type of foods. This, by the way, is part of the reason why calorie-focused diets such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig rarely work. They focus on numbers so much and do not teach you WHAT and HOW to eat. On this episode, I go through 3 main reasons I have seen calorie restriction fail to produce meaningful results for women with PCOS and briefly share what to do instead. The 3 reasons include:

  1. Calories are not going to balance hormones. Insulin resistance is more important to address first.
  2. Focusing on calories means an emphasis on quantity (not quality).
  3. Restricting calories can lead to diet mentality and a feeling of deprivation.

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