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Ep. 42 How to Manage PCOS Cravings

Episode 42: Are you doing the BASICS?

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Welcome back to another episode of the Slim & Satisfied podcast. I am so happy you’re here! Today’s we’ll discuss what it means to do the BASICS. When it comes to healthy eating, there are a few simple, elementary habits that are essential for your success! Without them, you’ll build your habits on a rocky foundation that will likely not last long. I know this since I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients.

 I chose to focus on this topic since I find that many women are not sure where to start their journey and often get “lost” since they’re following what’s trendy instead of doing the BASICS first. If you’ve ever thought of starting a new vitamin supplement, a workout routine that seems like a good fit or an online challenge that has you cutting back on all carbs- you’re likely familiar with the temporary results these gimmicky thing produce. 

I firmly believe that anyone looking to truly change their health, must start with a few basics that are actually easy to implement and set the stage for a lifelong healthy eating journey. Want to know what they are? Tune in to this episode. I have also put a summary of what I’ve discussed below. 

What are the basics?

    1. Clean up the junk
    2. Eat when you’re truly hungry
    3. Have vegetables daily and at every meal
    4. No liquid calories
  • Mindset
    1. Let go of all or nothing mentality 
    2. Be nice to yourself
    3. Ask better questions that move you forward
  •  Behavior
    1. Do what you say you’re going to do!
    2.  Develop consistency and keep at it
    3. Practice imperfect planning every day

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